Sky Rocket Profit

Working with Magic Quadrant Leader Vendors and optimizing the solutions with talented team, will sky rocket your profit.

From Unified Collaboration, Telepresence, CRM Dynamics, OmniChannels Contact Center and Mobile Application, please consult with our team to explore more

Safe Investment

We provide an Integrated Maintenance Contract to every customer, which consists of continuous upgrades and updates to supply the customer with cutting-edge technology.

The IMC also provides professional service fix lumpsum cost in one year, avoiding customer alocates unpredicted budget.

Dedicated Support

A multi layer support team is always present 24/7, guaranteeing the End user optimum usage of the solutions, catering to major and minor changes to adapt to dynamic business environment.

Each Layer of support has extensive experience and expertise.


Bintang Aplikasi Perkasa, PT. as the solution partner of Cisco Systems, Inc, Microsoft, Verint, Calabrio and other worldwide vendors in a world of system and software application, provide our clients best platform of technology on IP and intelligent solutions.

Combine with experience member of a team, we offer not just a solution but also best talent of people to deliver it beyond a client expectation.
Since March 2017, BAP has new office in Kelapa Gading Business Central Area. The 2nd Floor Office now has Data Center Room, delivering the Customer Experience in Cisco Collaboration and Cisco Contact Center.

Expanding our lab environment provide the extensive workspace for our team in exploring new software release and customized application.
Our New Engineers are trained in Lab Training for more than 60 hours. After the train, they will become first layer support officers do only maintenance tasks daily for minimum 2 years, before become second layer support.

They follow overseas courses and certification processes from Cisco and Microsoft.
Following cutting edge technology in software, our team member became the Developer Member of Cisco and Microsoft.

Ensuring our member of programmers keep as active Developer Member, we are sharing the application to the forum.

BAP Value Propositions

Technology Trends Consultation

Experience and Expertise that have been brought on table for many years since 2006, are the reasons to consider by End user. We assist End user to see new trends and common practive in similar line of business.

Rapid Deployment

Using the skills over and over, developing typical framework and methodology in order to accelerate the installation and configuration. We manage to shorten time of deploy, configure, train significantly from months to weeks. We lend hardware necessary during delivery time of hardware, in order to deploy and configure, after hardware arrive on site, we migrate vmware images.

Dedicated Support To All Customers

Mision Critical software and application need dedicated team to watch 24/7 with intelligent notification when failure happened. We developed warning and alert system to ensure before failure happened our team will be notified.

Coded By Developers

Ensure all code programs are developed and checked by senior progammer who know all depth functionality of program. Modular software applications are built ensuring flexibility when any enhancement required for application.

Structure Database and Data Analytics

Structure Database is enhanced by our developer to bridge requirement when come to omnichannels solution. Data Analytics is our main goal when deploy the solution, so End user can analyze varian data.

Services We Do

Cisco Telepresence, new way of collaboration. Highly Flexible, always growing



We offer consultation of new way of collaboration, omnichannels solution for customer care,and mobile application, including data analytics.


CRM Dynamics Deployment

Maximize customer service with viewing 360 degree of customer profile when customer engage with Customer Service point.


Mobile Application

Mobile Application with multi platform under IOS and Android, is the new way of doing business. Collecting End user behaviour is one of advantage for customer service, each organization need to explore.