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    Future Dynamic Experience for Customer Service

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    Sales and Services RoadMap Update

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    Manage Opportunity

Engage with customers on any channel or device

Deliver effortless experiences on any organization terms, through any channel and on any device.

Fit in for Sales Team, and Field Engineer that can access all the information without any silos piece of data.

Deliver fast, personalised service

Make it easy for Customer Service Officer to meet rising customer expectations. Intelligent processes guide agents to the right action every time.

Perform 360 degree of Customer through the Landing Page full of information, historical engagement of Customer to the Organization, will bring Organization Service to another Level of Customer Satisfaction.

Learn from every interaction

Continuously improve while reducing the cost to serve using data and intelligence to transform how Organization provide service.

Customer engagements to any kind of multi channel that are offered to customer, will be tagged and collected to CRM and organization will learn and analyze customer behaviour thoroughly.

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

Drive innovation with an application that is easy to tailor, extend, and connect to other apps and services Organization already use.

Offering flexibility to adapt with new technology and still can be utilized with existing application in order to protect the investment.

Earn customers for life

Expectations are rising. Customers want quick, relevant answers on any channel, even on the go.

Differentiate your brand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service.

Built-in intelligence delivers faster, more personalised service and adds value to every interaction.

Make it easy for agents to meet rising customer expectations. Intelligent processes guide agents to the right action every time.

First Time Resolution is new experience that is introduced to Customer when all the data are presented in front of Customer Service Officer to assist customer immediately.

Escalation with Service Level Agreement maintained automatically by CRM, ensure all request, inquiry, and complain from Customer are tracked properly.

Organization also can measure services provided to customer and learn to improve quality of services day by day, without any try and error.

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