• eLearning and Couching
    Enhancing Agent Skills of Contact Center

    Give employees the opportunity to deliver the very best service while building their skills and job satisfaction

    Improve employee retention and performance with out-of-the-box workflows

  • Employees are the key
    to successful Customer Engagement

Verint WFO ?

Verint WFO is one single platform for multimedia recording (voice, screen, video and text), advance management quality, eLearning and Coaching, Speech Analytics, Text Analytics and Voice Biometrics, giving you one integrated solution for enhancing Customer Engagement.

Organization could fulfill Regulation Compliance, Analyzing customer trend, Controlling quality assurance with the same interface inside Verint WFO application

All of these features are provided to you in order to enrich Customer Experience, at the same time to empower your Contact Center and back-office resources.
Translate your omnichannel Voice of the Customer (VoC) into enterprise intelligence that can empower you to achieve your desired business outcomes

With methodology of Listening, Analyze, and Act, Enterprise could gather and analyze customer feedback about your agent interactions from a variety of channels can help you prioritize actions to improve customer satisfation, operational efficiencies, and enterprise success.
Engaged, motivated, and informed employees are critical to providing the best customer service (CX).

To attract and keep talent, give employees tools to organize their schedule easier and a flexible ways, also ability to access via their mobile devices.

Your agents and other employees can make the difference between customer loyalty and customer churn. Empower them with modern tools to help simplify their jobs and deliver exceptional experiences.
Fraud and Identity Analytics is the new feature of Verint Voice Biometrics, to enhance authentication using voice biometrics solutions in order to verify callers in real time making interactions easier, faster, and more secure.

Minimizing fraudulent activity in both voice self-service and voice-assisted interactions.

How Verint WFO improve your Customer Experience ?

Find the answers inside Verint WFO Solutions

Recording Management

Recording Management interaction, seamlessly integrate with all major vendor of conventional and modern IP-based unified communication. It will record multimedia channels such as voice, desktop screen capture, video, text conversation, simultenously.
Conversation Recording reliability is 100% guaranted with three layers of simultaneously recording methods, which are duplicate media streaming from PBX, desktop screen capture, and SPAN ports.
No more loss of crucial recording because of application and system failed or other human errors of maintenance.

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Automated Quality Management

With Verint Automated Quality Management, you can automate the entire quality management process, from scoring evaluations to assigning coaching.

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Performance Management

It provides a single, standardized framework for tracking, managing, and improving — from contact centers and branches to back-office operations.

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Voice Biometrics

Verint Identity Authentication recognizes the unique vocal characteristics, or “voiceprint,” of enrolled customers seconds into a live call, helping to reduce the number of security questions—and average handle times.

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Text Analytics

Verint Text Analytics can help your organization uncover actionable insights from written customer interactions, including email, web, chat, social media, surveys, and customer forums.

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Highlight Advantages of Verint Workforce Optimization

High Availability

WFO Deployment Support Server, as web-based management and database application for High Availability composition is consisted up to 2 nodes of Application/Database in one Cluster to ensure 24/7 availability


Implementation from small-medium size of recording until enterprise size of recording could be delivered with the same platform of Verint WFO.
A delivery of recorder from single site up to multi site can be controlled by single Enterprise Manager at Data Center site.


Verint Coaching is a practical solution to help make employee coaching a part of daily operations. It provides out-of-the-box workflow for scheduling, delivering, and tracking coaching that’s integrated with individual quality monitoring evaluation scores and key performance indicators (KPIs).
By tying coaching together with scorecards and training and making this information available right on the desktop, Verint Coaching can help your organization provide employees with better guidance on how to enhance their skills.


Gamification uses game mechanics and behavior science to clearly present role-specific goals in the form of key performance metrics (KPIs), and offer next best actions to improve their skills or knowledge in a specific area.
Employees are awarded points and badges for reaching performance targets. Gamification can help: Accelerate the onboarding of new hires; Drive “on the job learning” by presenting quizzes, surveys, polls, embedded videos, and presentations in a dynamic and engaging format; Increase collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Knowledge Management

Verint Knowledge Management is a central repository for organizations to store policy and procedure information to ensure compliance.
Employees interacting with customers across all communication channels leverage the same knowledge base so your compliance needs can be met regardless of how a customer gets in touch. Using context, the applicable knowledge articles needed for an interaction are automatically presented, so no searching is required.

Single Sign On

Under LDAP environment and Microsoft Active Directory, Verint Workforce Optimizaton can be configured to synch with Single Sign on to User Workstation. Therefore Users can login from anywhere, and still can be registered to their profile immediately via windows login

Protect Your Business from EOL

Ever wandering how to avoid any End of Life PBX and Recording Product ?

With Verint WFO Recording Multi Adapters to ensure the continuity of the PBX supported product and protect your investment in Recorded Device, Verint WFO platform has been developed under software application and certified for wide range of PBX products.

With new release of software, the functionality and features can be introduced easily via upgrade, and do not depend on the hardware of PBX but also software of PBX.

Financial Compliance

Transform your compliance operations and stay one step ahead of the regulator

Only Verint is reinventing compliance with proactive issue prevention, automated infrastructure monitoring, unified recording, retrieval and analysis of omnichannel communications, and an ecosystem of value-add, partner solutions.

Be Proactive – Reacting to non-compliant actions still means a failure has occurred. Verint’s Ethical Wall proactively monitors communications across all channels and communication modes – giving you proactive control of interactions, information exchange and disclosures. Remove the need for “after-the-fact compliance” and close the “compliance gap” with Verint.

Cisco Solution Plus and DevNet

As a member of Cisco SolutionsPlus and Cisco Developer Network, Verint WFO as SolutionPlus deploys certified and tested end-to-end solutions that meet the highest standards for integration and interoperability.

Cisco Partner

Ensure seamless integration with Cisco UCM. Including Certified Engineer of BAP to deploy Cisco and Verint WFO