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IPTrade ?

As part of BT (British Telecom), IP Trade will enhance the ability of BT Existing and New customers to unify their control-room and trading solutions.

Teams will have the opportunity to work together across global and complicated communities far more effectively, using an innovative spread of video, speech, and messaging, with the best range of mobile and fixed applications and devices.

Today, IP Trade can offer sophisticated end-to-end platforms that blend seamlessly with UC solutions delivered by Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, and even Asterisk .
Today, the brand is known as one of the leading providers throughout the world when it comes to communication services. In fact, BT are responsible for communications in around 180 countries, including Indonesia.

BT can offer global, local, international, and national solutions for networked IT, including broad communications services for financial users. Therefore IP Trade can be offered as Managed Services with all the infrastructure on Customer premises.

Because we understand that a trading floor is not a “one size fits all” environment, a series of trading applications and turret form factors are available to suit every type of user.

The IP Trade solution for Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery or just for light purposes Trading, IP Trade can be operated on hardware Turret or software Turret such as Windows-based Turret or Mobile device under Android or IOS, Including the web browser application
Fully integrated with Unified Communications systems from major manufacturers such as Cisco, Avaya, and Alcatel-Lucent, IP Trade consoles enhance productivity by enabling one-touch collaboration via Video built in without any third party application.

Suitable devices to deliver Complex Collaboration on Trading Floor or Command Center when the decision should be taken at split second.

How IP Trade improve your Trading Experience ?

Find the answers inside IP Trade Solution

IPTrade T4

High Performance, Unified Trading Communications & Collaboration. The T4 turret commands minimal desktop foot print whilst maintaining a 15” colour rich LCD display. The sleek design is coupled with up to four high fidelity speakers, microphone, and two durable trading room handsets, 4 adjustable viewing angles ensuring optimal visibility. The T4 will sit comfortably within a technology rich environment.

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IPTrade T4 Mini

The T4M turret commands minimal desktop foot print whilst maintaining a 10” colour rich LCD display. The sleek design is coupled with 1 or 2 high fidelity speakers, microphone, and two trading room durable handsets, adjustable viewing angles ensuring total visibility.

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IP Trade T4 Flex

IP Trade’s T4-Flex Soſt Trading Turret Application offers trading professionals a comprehensive, streamlined trading turret communications experience on any Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 device, maximizing flexibility and productivity.

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IP Trade Turret Support Server

The high-performance with high level of security, virtualized applications are deployed on customers’ unified computing server infrastructure and integrate with enterprise voice applications to form a single, unified communication and collaboration platform for all users.

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IP Trade Turret Proxy Open Line System

The High Availability 24/7 operation, TPO patented (#8149741) technology provides and manages asymmetrical multi-party calls including conferences, line sharing, barge-in calls and group intercom. All users may take part in multiple TPO calls simultaneously.

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Highlight Advantages of IP Trade

High Availability

Turret Support Server, as web-based management and database application for High Availability composition is consisted up to 6 nodes of TSS in one Cluster to ensure 24/7 availability


The Turret Proxy Open Line servers can be set up in hot-standby configurations that maintain the session context and achieve voice path recovery in less than 5 seconds without impacting the call context.
A TPO cluster of servers supports up to 3000 full duplex voice streams. Cold stand-by clusters of clusters can be set up guaranteeing a sub 30 seconds convergence time.

Lines Monitoring

The TPO is typically used as a private wires concentrator for ARDs, MRDs or SIP ringdown, an internal hoot and holler or toll bypass system giving access to all users and all locally terminated private wires from anywhere in the institution’s network.
Therefore, it is important for User and IT Admin to monitor each lines if there is any failure.
IP Trade tight integration with Cisco UC, make it possible to identify and alert to users via Turret.

10,000 Phonebooks

Amazingly programmable up to 10,000 line appearances/128 per page/64 viewable, unlimited pages and unlimited sharing. Easily customized each user or department via TSS web administation or via Turret itself and synchronize to Server for sharing.

UX Easy Customization

User Experience when accessing the Turret is so organized, via group of Functionality, through static or dynamic view.
The User Interface can be customized via Graphical Interface to specific requirement of User or Department

Single Sign On

Under LDAP environment and Microsoft Active Directory, IP Trade turret can be configured to synch with Single Sign on to User Workstation. Therefore Users can login from anywhere, and still can be registered to their profile immediately via windows login

Protect Your Business from EOL

Ever wandering how to avoid any End of Life Turret Product ?

With BT Global Support to ensure the continuity of the product and protect your investment in Trading Device, IP Trade platform has been developed under software application. With new release of software, the functionality and features can be introduced easily via upgrade, and do not depend on the hardware of Turret.

Ultra Responsive

IP Trade Instant Reply with longer duration time

It is very important to reconfirm what has been said by Broker or Other Party at any stage, therefore IP Trade provide longer duration recording (default 15 minutes and could be extended) during conversation.

The Feature of Instant Reply during conversation is the most important feature for Financial Traders, and it can be used instantly as responsive as real time conversation.

Cisco Solution Plus and DevNet

As a member of Cisco SolutionsPlus and Cisco Developer Network, IP Trade deploys certified and tested end-to-end solutions that meet the highest standards for integration and interoperability.

Cisco Partner

Ensure seamless integration with Cisco UCM. Including Certified Engineer of BAP to deploy Cisco and IP Trade