• How to Achieve
    Financial Compliance
    Not Only Keep Recording

  • Tackling Risk and Compliance
    for Financial Services

VFC Solutions: Designed for Financial Compliance

A Holistic Approach to Compliance

Verint Financial Compliance (aka Verba) delivers compliance recording, archiving, speech analytics
and proactive policy enforcement solutions for businesses negotiating orders, contracts and transactions
or handling sensitive information across Unified Communications and Collaboration.

By using our solutions, compliance teams can replay, verify and analyze trade-related conversations,
identify trends, fulfill audit requests and reconstruct the chain of events of any transaction.

  • Ethical Wall – Proactive Compliance

    Start proactively enforcing communication and content policies, and define who can talk to whom to prevent compliance issues from happening at your organization.

  • Compliance Recording

    Apply automated, network-side recording to capture voice, IM, video, desktop screen and content from your business-critical communications—across UC and collaboration platforms.

  • Trader Voice Recording

    Leverage a complete trading floor communications recording solution that accurately and reliably captures any transaction from trading turrets, like IPC, Speakerbus, and IP Trade.

  • Data Retention and Storage

    Automate data retention and securely store your archived communications to meet record-keeping requirements, protect your data as long as required by law and retrieve them upon request by the regulator.

  • Speech Analytics

    Use advanced speech search, speech-to-text, automated indexing and labeling rules to monitor conversations, analyze data and convert it into actionable intelligence.

  • Mobile Recording

    Bring your mobile communications into your internal IT infrastructure and record voice and SMS from public mobile networks and collaboration apps.

Collaboration Compliance

Verint Financial Compliance brings client the ability to capture your omni-channel interactions, fulfill record-keeping requirements, protect information privacy,
perform rapid compliance analysis and effectively manage the risk associated with every interaction.

Comply with industry regulations and meet your internal standards with the comprehensive feature set of the Verint Verba platform
to avoid costly fines and ensure business integrity.

Omnichannel Compliance Recording

Verint Verba supports network-side compliance recording across leading Unified Communications, collaboration, IP telephony, mobile, trading turret and contact center platforms, such as Cisco UC, Skype for Business, Avaya, IPC and more.

Collaboration Recording for All Modalities

Record not only voice calls, but also IM, video, desktop screens, app/screen sharing, whiteboarding, file transfer, Q&A and polls. This ever-increasing list helps you rest assured that you capture all business-critical communications.

Trader Voice Recording

Verint Verba provides a complete trading communications recording solution, that captures every transaction across trading turrets and dealer boards. Ensure full integrity and accountability for your business.

Mobile Voice and SMS Recording

Through its technology integrations, Verint Verba allows you to bring your mobile call recordings into your internal IT infrastructure and record mobile voice and SMS from public mobile networks and collaboration apps.

Control Your Unified Communications Proactively

Verint Financial Compliance ensure that Collaboration compliance should not stop with active and reactive measures.
It has to start before an event takes place by implementing policies upfront to prevent compliance issues from ever happening.
The Verint Verba Ethical Wall solution allows client to start proactively enforcing communication and content policies at client organization.
Start acting instead of just reacting.

Presence Control

Control the visibility of client users with our presence control feature. Verint Financial Compliance gives our clients the power to restrict presence and contact list information and prevent client key personnel from receiving unsolicited communications.


Session Blocking

Avoid conflicts of interest, enforce workplace policies by allowing or blocking communication between users or user groups within your organization. Virtual boundaries will help you stay fully compliant.


Content Filtering

Prevent data leakage, filter profanity and protect sensitive business data with our robust instant message content filtering feature. Block, redact or report any IM content based on your business requirements.



Ensure that your communications adhere to legal requirements, industry standards or corporate policies by applying disclaimers and notifications in instant messaging globally or on demand. Act upfront to avoid penalties and limit liability.


Integration to ALL Platform

Verint Financial Compliance cross-platform compatibility with leading Unified Communications, IP telephony, trading turret, mobile, and contact center solutions such as
Cisco UC, Avaya, IPC, SpeakerBus, BT and Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams.

  • Cisco Collaboration

    Verint Verba offers a complete, Cisco compatible compliance recording and communication compliance solution for Cisco UC and Collaboration, IP telephony and video conference room endpoints.

    Our solution provides centralized, automated capture for any nominated user in your organization while offering a variety of recording modes and supporting various conversation scenarios.


  • Avaya Aura Unified Communications

    Our Avaya recording solution supports back-office operations and contact centers around the world.

    As an Avaya DevConnect Partner, Verint Verba is integrated with Avaya Aura Unified Communications platform, delivering centralized and passive recording in multi-site environments.

    This leads to reliable interaction recording and provides detailed and precise conversation records for compliance and quality tracking purposes.


  • Microsoft Skype for Business and Teams

    With Verint Verba, our client can add enterprise-level recording capabilities for Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) to capture all communication modes to a Skype for Business meeting or conference, such as voice, IM, video, desktop screen, screen and application share and content share.

    Our versatile recording technology does not require any additional client software installed on user PCs or devices.


  • IPC Unigy Trading Turrets

    Verint Verba is certified for interoperability with the IPC Unigy trading platform, delivering resilient and robust compliance recording and archiving capabilities for the financial markets around the globe.

    Verint Verba complements IPC Unigy trading communications solution with fully integrated voice recording, advanced resiliency deployment options, automated voice inactivity detection and media segmentation capabilities, extended call metadata and sophisticated search and playback functionalities.


  • Trading Turrets

    Verint Verba is designed from the ground up to meet the ever-increasing requirements of trading rooms worldwide, supporting industry-leading trading turrets, dealerboards and cloud-based trader communications platforms, including BT – IP Trade, Speakerbus, Cloud9 and still counting.

    Trader voice recording from Verint Verba is optimized for multisite operations, characterized by high performance, high availability, enterprise management and security features—providing a truly high-end trading compliance solution at a competitive price.