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IPC Uniqy Seamless Integration

Verint Verba is certified for interoperability with the IPC Unigy trading platform, delivering resilient and robust compliance recording and archiving capabilities for the financial markets around the globe.

Verint Verba complements IPC Unigy trading communications solution with fully integrated voice recording, advanced resiliency deployment options, automated voice inactivity detection and media segmentation capabilities, extended call metadata and sophisticated search and playback functionalities.

Additionally, Verint Verba offers robust security, data management and recording assurance features to ensure that recordings are tamper-proof and readily available for compliance, litigation and auditing purposes. Enabling improved scalability for multi-site operations, the integration allows customers flexible deployment and the configuration of any number of IPC Unigy zones under a Verint Verba instance.

The holistic Verint Verba collaboration and trading compliance suite enables customers using the IPC Unigy platform to adhere to strict regulatory regimes in the finance and trading sector, while providing communications monitoring, records retention and collaborative compliance case management across all regulated transactions under MAD II / MAR, MiFID II, the Dodd-Frank Act, the Securities Exchange Act, and more.

Collaboration Verba - IPC Unigy with Skype for Business Integration

IPC, a leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community, had announced an agreement with Verint Verba to provide compliance solutions for IPC customers who use Skype for Business.

Read more at: http://www.ipc.com/news-room/ipc-teams-verba-offer-holistic-collaboration-recording-solutions-financial-markets

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Product Description

IPC is a leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community. IPC Unigy is a game-changing, state-of-the-art, SOA-based platform for trading communications and applications. Unigy features one of the industry’s largest, most diverse portfolios of PC, endpoint device, and mobile applications, accessible across the entire trading workflow for the greatest collaboration benefits.

IPC’s IQ/MAX Touch endpoint has an intuitive, highly flexible touchscreen interface with multiple ways to continually inform, shorten steps, and accelerate workflows. For trading fluidity throughout an enterprise, the compact Pulse endpoint provides instantaneous, seamless access to help reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Back office, middle office, and other regulated users connect with traders on a single platform. Endpoints allow traders to prioritize incoming calls, access dedicated point-to-point connections and one-button instant dialing, along with multiple handsets, intercoms, and speaker channels. Unigy traders can quickly find individuals in a single directory and reach out via voice, text, or chat. Unigy applications like FastFind help traders rapidly search contacts and launch a call, email, or IM in less than two seconds. QuickDial provides click-to-dial functionality from Outlook, a local contact directory, application, or website. Features for line sharing allow PBX users to monitor line status and access Unigy private wires (MRD, ARD, Hoot) and dial tone lines to make, receive, or join existing calls, providing a broader range of access throughout an enterprise.

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